Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you'd like, but please wear (or bring to wear) close toed shoes.

Can we drink on board?

No alcohol is allowed on the bike, although we do make stops at alcohol-serving establishments (this is wine country, with a bourgeoning cocktail scene, after all)! Feel free to bring non-alcoholic beverages as you may get warm pedaling.

How old do I need to be to go on your tours?

You must be 21+ as we will frequent locations with this requirement.

What if it rains?

If it's really raining, we'll cancel the tour and reschedule you for another available date of your choice within the upcoming year. Otherwise, we tough it out here in usually-sunny Healdsburg.

Who should ride the bike?

You! You should! And anyone who wants to have a great time. The bike is great for all occasions. From corporate retreats or off-sites for team building, to birthday parties, bachelor and bachelorette parties, engagement and wedding parties, graduation celebrations, retirement parties, and family reunions, you are sure to have a great time! Don't have enough people to fill the bike on your own? Don't worry, you will meet other riders and make new friends!

What if I'm old, injured or don't want to pedal? Is there a weight limit?

There are four seats on board that do not have to pedal - one over each of the back tires on the sides, and the back bench which seats two. Just be aware that this means everyone else will be pulling your weight, so you may want to switch it up at the stops or tell your friends to get ready to pedal for you! We have a weight limit of 300lbs for each of the seats that pedal. If you're close to or over this limit, we recommend you ride on the back bench for comfort and ease (our pedaling seats can be a bit tight to squeeze into!).

Can we bring our own decorations for the bike for special events?

Of course you can! If you book the entire bike for your group, feel free to bring balloons/streamers/any other decorations you'd like to put up. Think birthdays, graduations, weddings, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or any other special celebration. We're down to make your day as special as possible! Just let us know your plan in advance so we can meet you a few minutes earlier than planned to allow time to decorate.

How many people can ride the bike at once and is there a minimum?

We can fit 13 people comfortably, 14 if one of you wants to share our back bench with your bestie. 10 people pedal at once, and there are two non-pedaling seats over the back wheels in addition to the back bench. You can always switch up who sits where at our stops and share the cal-burning love! As far as minimums, all of our tours run with a minimum of 6 pedalers to ensure you have enough leg power to move the bike! If you have booked a tour with less, you can encourage your friends to join or hope new friends will join you by the cut off times (three days before for a wine tour, the day before for a bar crawl).

Where does the bike stop and how long are the tours?

We are proud to partner with over 30 local businesses, and our stops for each tour vary according to availability each day. Don't worry, they're all awesome! The wine tour is about 3 hours in length and the tour is all inclusive, meaning the pricing includes all wine tastings and nibbles on the tour. We visit 3 different wineries, where you'll taste 3-4 wines at each, paired with either charcuterie or some type of nibble. The nibbles are ample enough to tide you over, but we'd definitely still eat a meal before your tour! The bar crawl is about 2 hours and visits 3 stops as well, although you buy your own drinks at the bars (you will usually get $1/off your drinks for being on the tour) and there is no food included.

Where do we meet for the tour?

Please meet us in the square (Healdsburg Plaza) right on Healdsburg Ave, by Pizzando and Dry Creek Kitchen a few minutes before your scheduled tour so we can adjust seat heights and depart on time. If possible with traffic, we'll be parked right next to Dry Creek Kitchen, although if we're not exactly there, you'll see us! We recommend parking in the parking lot right behind Dry Creek Kitchen between Matheson and North St (called 'Lot A' on google maps) as parking on streets is very strict with time limits and Healdsburg is known for ticketing!